The Glenside Historic Society was  formed in 1975 and it’s purpose was to safeguard the history of mental health in SA with wards being closed down and patients in larger numbers moving out into the community.  The society has adopted an educational role with professional students and the general public whilst still advocating for a Health Museum In SA which we wanted to be an integral part of.

We have an extensive photo collection and printed government material of the change process over the years plus a collection of ECT machines and their development over time, We have a lot of primary material useful for historical research but our archival material in the main has all been transferred to State Records.  We only have about 2 % of the 3D objects we used to have prior to losing our museum site in May 2012 and unfortunately only about the same amount was agreed to be stored by the History Trust.


To contact the Glenside Historic Society please click here.


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