The Elms

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Originally this building was known as the “Additional Female Ward”.  It was changed later on to “Women’s E, F and G Wards” and in 1982, after closure some years previously of the top 2 floors, to “The Elms”.

It is classified with National Trust and on Register of State Heritage Items.

The ground floor closed in February 1985 as a ward for elderly men with the opening of the Cedars. The first floor has been used as a Domestic training unit since 1982 and the ground floor for Music Therapy since 1989.

Design:             Gothic

Built by:            R. HUCKSON and Company

Age:                 Building contract signed on 6th July, 1880.

Cost:                            £17,020

Building Materials:         The “best hard Glen Osmond stone”.

Additions:         Dining Room to eastern end in 1954 by FRICKER Brothers.  Bathroom and toilet annex by J. GROVE and Son Ltd. in 1959.  An aluminium sheet cladded structure.

 Addition costs : £32,870

Music Therapy Room

Music Therapy Room

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