Mens Ward

Mens ward


Built originally as a new male wing, it was subsequently named Men‘s M, N and O Wards.  In the 1960’s when these wards became the responsibility of the Medical Team from Paterson House, and the wards became sexually integrated, the name changed to Women’s P.2 in lieu of M, with women patients occupying the ground floor; Men’s P.1 and P.3 in lieu of N (first floor); and Men’s O.1 and O.2 in lieu of 0 (second floor) – or the P and O building for short!

The building closed as patient accommodation in November 1976 with the opening of the Glen.

It was placed on the Heritage Interim List on 9th July, 1992 at the same time as the former Operating Theatre.

Built by:                         N.W. TRUDGEN

Age:                               Contract let 6th October, 1899.

Cost:                              (£7,534)

Alterations:                  In 1939, an external fire escape was added as up to that time, the only exit from the top floor was via the main stairway.  In 1959, a bathroom and toilet annex was added by H.G. EGARR and Sons. Ltd.  With external walls of aluminium crimp sheeting – cost (£32,120).

To see more images of the Mens Ward please click here.

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