Looking Back to Look Forward

P 7, 1963 Aerial view of Hospital looking E

When you say Glenside Hospital to a South Australian it conjures up all sorts of images.

For some it is a place of mystery, for others it has mixed emotions. Unless you were a patient you would only go there either as a visitor or worker.

In recent years the Glenside Hospital Campus has become a political hot cake. The decision to open up the campus and introduce a new hospital, arts precinct, housing and shops

has been met with a lot of discussion and uncertainty.

Whether you agree with it or not, the face of Glenside is changing and here at mindshare we believe we need to acknowledge the past when looking forward. As part of South Australia’s History Week we are running guided tours of some of Glenside’s historical buildings.

We are also asking participants in the walk to share their thoughts, photographs and impressions here on the site so we can create an online archive of experiences.

You can read more about David Buod and the tour here.

You can also listen to Louise’s interview on 891 Adelaide about the tour.

2 responses to “Looking Back to Look Forward

  1. How do you go about finding out information of relatives that were in there? My great grandmother Ellen Lown was in and out of there and died there in 1910. Would appreciate any help

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